"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"

"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"


Raspberry Lip Scrub


Bear Naked Lip Scrub is certified organic and sure to best prepare your smoochers (lips) for high quality lip balm, like our Bear Naked Smoochers, available in Vanilla, Peppermint, and Raspberry.

0.5 oz. - You don't need much!

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What does a bear do when it gets berries on its lips?  I don't know.  Ask the next bear you meet and then please let me know.  Until then, I'm going to assume that it scrubs its lips with certified organic lip scrub to get off the dead skin.  ??????

Our organic lip scrubs mix the best organic oils and sugars to give you the right amount of exfoliation and nourishment for your lips.  This is the must-do action for anybody serious about making themselves more kissable and maximizing the effectiveness of our Bear Naked Smoochers (organic lip balms) available in Vanilla, Peppermint, or Raspberry.

Available in 0.5oz. jars.

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