"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"

"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"


"Hibernation II - The Scrubby" Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bar


Hibernating is exactly what you will want to do once you bathe with this all-natural goat milk soap.  We love it, so why shouldn't you?

If you want a more "perfumy" lavender scent derived from a potent fragrance oil, try our "Hibernation" Soap Bar.

You might also want to try our "Hibernation" Body Butter.


We developed this lavender soap for people who like a really wholesome all-natural lavender essential oil scent.  This one is all natural with oatmeal for an exfoliating effect.

For those who prefer a bit more of a "perfumy" lavender scent, try our "Hibernation" Soap Bar.


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