"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"

"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"


Beard Oil - 2 oz.


At a county fair we recently attended, one new customer tried a few drops of our beard oil and less than calmly stated, "That's freakin' refreshing dude!"  We think that's just fine!

We are clearing this out because new oil is coming in different scents.  If you really like peppermint, you will love this beard oil!

When applying Bear Naked Beard Oil, simply apply drops to your hand and gently rub through the beard and especially onto the skin under your beard.  You will smell fantastic and your skin will thank you.

One of the misconceptions surrounding beard oil is that it is for the beard.  While your beard might be slightly softer with the use of beard oil (some of the oils will absorb into the hair itself), the greatest benefit lies in the skin conditioning properties.  Most men experience some degree of itching when growing and maintaining a bear and this, indeed, tends to be one of the obstacles to growing that handsome bunch of whiskers that forms the snout of you good looking Bear-ish men out there.

If you are looking for a product to nourish the actual beard and/or give you the ability to style to beard to various degrees, try our Bear Naked Beard Balm and stay tuned for our upcoming Beard Butter.


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This one has A BUNCH of peppermint essential oil, with some frankincense, cedarwood, and orange to back it up.  Make no mistake, though, peppermint is the base!  You WILL get a tingle on your face.  It's fresh.

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