"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"

"It's Better ... Bear Naked!"


Bear Naked Smoocher - Vanilla Lip Balm


Become more smoochable with a Vanilla Bear Naked Smoocher.  Our certified organic lip scrub is chock full of natural goodness to make you feel, look, smell, and taste better!

To maximize the effect of our lip balms, also try our Bear Naked Lip Scrubs, available in Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cotton Candy flavors.

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Every ingredient in this luscious lip balm is certified organic, ensuring that you get the best care possible for your lips.  Our vanilla flavor, laced with beeswax, is sure to bring a smile to your lips, accompanied by a great smell and taste.

As we attended events throughout this summer, customers kept coming back for more.  It's that good!

To get the most from your lip balm, make sure you exfoliate those smoochers (lips) of yours.  Try our Lip Scrub, available in Raspberry, Blueberry, and Cotton Candy flavors!

We are working on having these lip balms available at retailers nationwide.


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